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Software solutions

On the software side the team has experience in developing various products which include standalone Windows/Linux based applications, device drivers in Linux, WDM and WinCE environment as well as embedded firmware applications. We have major expertise in Linux software development for both Desktop and embedded systems. Moreover we have also very in depth experience in scripting languages like Python, C-Shell etc. Our team has experience of successfully executing several C/C++ and Python based projects.

Hardware & embedded system solutions

Our hardware group has been involved in the design and development of Image Processing and Vision algorithms in MATLAB, C/C++ and Verilog HDL for FPGAs, development of fixed point applications on high speed DSP processors as well as PCB designing. 
We have vast experience in design and development of embedded systems with multi-layered PCBs, Micro-controllers/ Micro-processors, wireless interfaces and high speed memories. We also provide the software and firmware for these systems.
We have extensive experience in hardware design using Verilog HDL, performing synthesis, modeling and functional/gate level verification for FPGA/ASIC based systems. The group has also worked on Encryption (AES), compression (LZW) standards, error correction codes (RS, BCH), Storage Technologies (SD, MMC, CEATA, SATA), USB 2.0, PCI, flash memory models and memory controllers for both FPGAs and ASIC.

Display systems

Our computer vision and Image processing team has hands on experience in the field of computer vision and digital Image processing. We have been developing a series of state of the art products for Multi projector digital display systems, called as Emerse. This product range uses modern computer vision technology to seamlessly align displays from multiple projector giving an effect of a single very high resolution display. the algorithms were developed in Matlab and C/C++ programming languages using OpenCV library.

Other Services

    1. Apart from these we also provide end to end solutions in the following fields
    2. Design and Development of Embedded Systems.
    3. Multi Layered PCB Designing.
    4. IP development in Verilog HDL for FPGAs and ASICs
    5. Software Applications for Desktop, embedded systems, telecom, multimedia.
    6. Firmware and Real time applications for microprocessors and DSPs
    7. Driver Development in Linux and Windows environment


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